You can view the loan period of borrowed items in your account and renew them if necessary. Existing reservations are listed, and can, if they are no longer needed, be deleted. Alerts can also be seen while the current account fees are being retrieved.
Please print an account statement as receipt for renewals, and be sure to check the deadlines very carefully!
Complaints can only be made when accompanied by an account statement!

Account Number

The account number has got an 8-character format.

Students: Matriculation number with three leading zeros (e.g. 00012345). Exception: For students with a 7-digit matriculation number, this is also the account number (e.g. 3000123)
Professors: Personnel number with leading 010, (e.g. 01000123, resp. 01001437)
Employees: Personnel number with leading 030, (e.g. 03000639, resp. 03001234)
Lecturers, Institute Employees and External Customers: Reader Identity Number


Students, Professors, Lectures, Employeers: Date of birth: DD.MM.YYYY
External Customers: Date of birth: DD.MM.YYYY

Individual changes are possible at any time.

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