Catalogue of the ifa-Library

The catalogue contains the library's physical media (printed books and journals) and links to online content.

Kindly note:

Dear Library users,

due to Covid-19 and in order to reduce the number of contacts between people, ifa Library will remain closed until further notice in accordance with the state's regulations.

To return borrowed items you may use the return letter box on the left of the main entrance to the Library in the courtyard. We will adjust the due dates of borrowed items accordingly.

We are happy to answer your questions at bibliothek(at)

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.
The Library Team

Tips for quick search

The “quick search” lets you search your library's catalogue by author, title, subject or other keywords. To do a basic search, enter one or more search terms. You can combine several keywords. If you do not know the exact term you want to search for, you can enter part of a word followed or preceded by a wildcard. The wildcard symbol "*" can stand for any number of characters (e.g. “cultural*” results in “cultural policy”, “cultural heritage” etc.)

Hit display

The Status field shows whether a medium is available or already borrowed.
Please note that the publications with the loan type Präsenzbestand can only be used in the reading room and can not be borrowed outside the library.