Library Catalogue of the Hochschule Nürtingen

The university catalogue contains the physical collection of the library (printed books, periodicals, AV materials, etc.) and the special e-book collection licensed by the library whose full text is available in the campus network.

Quick search / Keyword anywhere search

The Quick search allows in a single search field a common search option of the fields, e.g. title, subtitle, author’s name, subject headings, etc. Simply enter a single or more search terms in the field. You may, for example, search a name of a person together with a title keyword or with several title keywords. All entries will automatically be combined with the Boolean “AND” operator.

If you do not know the exact term you want to search for, you can enter part of a word (at least the first four letters) followed or preceded by a wildcard. The wildcard symbol "*" can stand for any number of characters. Using wildcards will slow down your search and may result in a large number of hits.